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Booking and Payment

Privacy Policy

Chinabravo Tours (Operated by Xi’an CITS) is committed to protecting your privacy. We take our responsibility to protect your security and privacy very seriously. Personal information submitted to us will never be sold, rented, shared or passed on to any unauthorized third-party for any reason. Please read this policy before providing us with any personal information. 

1. Personal information submitted to Chinabravo Tours will be only used for your China Tour booking and operation that we collect about you lawfully.

2. The information that we will collect, part or whole ,including Your Name, Email Address, Telephone, Passport Number, Home Address, Credit Card Information will be used for your China Tour only.

3. The Information that we collect about you so that we can process your order and will not supply any of your details to any third party or marketing company in the future.

4. China Bravo takes our responsibility to protect your security and confidentiality very seriously. We use the highest security technology to protect your personal information from being stolen, altered or lost.   

If your have any other questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.


Booking Procedures

1. Select or tailor-made a tour
Upon receiving your booking request by filling in the form or send a travel request via email to us, our experienced and professional travel consultant will respond and reply you within 24 hours with the details of your requests. A tailor-made tour schedule will best suit your interests and time.

2. Fill out inquiry form
Please advise the following concisely.
    a. Number of people travelling including yourself.
    b. Approximate arriving date to China.
    c. Duration of your stay in China
    d. Cities and places of interests you want to visit.
    e. Hotel category: Deluxe/Standard/Budget
    f. Your estimate budget.

3. Alternation & Confirmation
Quotation will be made after the amendment of the itinerary and your approval of the hotel, tour sights, and China domestic flights or train tickets.

4. Deposit or full payment Remittance
The final booking will be processed only upon the receipt of a non-refundable deposit of 10% (minimum USD 50/per person) of the tour cost from you, the balance/ full payment will be required 30 days prior to your China tour.

It is highly recommended that your tour reservation with Yangtze River Cruise be made 40 days prior to the actual traveling date while others can be made 30 days prior to the actual traveling date. If the tour is made within 30 days, full payment will be required for the reservation of the China tour.

5. Full Confirmation
Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a Confirmation Letter from us, suggesting that the proposed flights, hotels, and tours be available at the time of print. If any conditions should change after the time of print, Chinabrovo Tours reserves the rights to make changes and provide you with the similar alternative options.

6. Enjoy your China Tour.
The names and contacts of the local guides and Emergency Contact for your China Tour will be advised 3 days prior to the departure date of your China Tour. Please contact our Customer Service at, or call our 24-hour hot line: +86-29-852323170 or the Emergency Contact for your China Tour if you need any help.


Payment Guide

1. We quote on our website all the China tour prices in US dollars to give our customers an idea of the tour price. However, while making reservation with us, we will quote you in Chinese currency, Chinese RMB, Yuan. We will convert the Chinese currency into your currency based on official exchange rate by Bank of China (website: ) on the very day when your deposit or full payment is made.

2. For credit card customer, Chinabravo Tour can only draw Chinese Yuan (CNY) from your card. Your bank or Credit Card Company will convert it into your currency. Please check with your bank or Credit Card Company before you make the payment. The banks in China will charge an additional 4% of service fee and the bank in your country will charge some more as well. So the total amount paid will be more than what you expect.

We are trying all of our efforts to make your on-line tour arrangement paid easily and safely. Meanwhile, we are responsible for the protection of your privacy with regard to the payment process. Kindly refer to our payment options.


Payment Options

We are now able to offer 4 methods of Payment:
1.    PayPal secure online.
2.    Wire transfer through a bank.
3.    Visa or Master Card by fax.
4.   Mail to our overseas agent.

Please note that
Cash payment, travelers' check and company check is applicable upon special request, but personal checks cannot be accepted.

  1. Payment via PayPal secure online.
    As the world is getting smaller. Thanks to the help of the Internet. PayPal is the safer way to pay online. It offers the platform as the third party for the buyer and the seller. PayPal accepts Visa, Master, and JCB. If you have an E-mail address, you can get a free account at PayPal easily, which you only pay 3.9% plus 30 cents of the surcharge for each transfer.

    Please follow the process below:
    A. Book on our web site.
    If you are satisfied with any tour itinerary on our site, just click the icon of "Reservation" on the page of the itinerary to book your tour, you will get a booking code automatically. Or you can write an e-mail to us, our travel consultant will book for you and inform you about the booking code. Please remember this code.

    B. Confirmed by our travel consultant
    Our travel consultant will confirm with you about the itinerary and rate on our web site and write you an E-mail in 24 hours.

    C. Search your booking on our web site
    Input / copy the “booking code” in the search engine of "Order Inquire", which is almost at the right top of our home page of www. Then click the icon of “Search”. It shows the payment page.

    D. Check out with PayPal.
    Click the icon of “Check out with PayPal”, it comes the PayPal payment page. Choose the “country”, it shows the native language of the “country”.

    E. Settle the payment with PayPal.
    Log in with E-mail and password to transfer your payment with PayPal. PayPal service is instant fund transfer system. Please write an E-mail to us when the transfer is done. We will confirm the transfer ASAP. If you have not received the confirmation in 24 hours, please call our emergency number at +86-29-85223170.

    F. Create a PayPal Account if you do not have a one.
    For those who do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up with your E-mail and credit card information for a new account to make the payment easily. If you do not want to have an account, you could just fill in your credit card information like authorization letter to PayPal, you can make payment at PayPal, too.
    Please note that
    Additional 3.9%+0.30USD would be charged if payment be done via PayPal for each transfer.

  2. Payment via wire transfer through a bank.
    If you prefer to settle the tour payment by wire transfer or TT transfer in US Dollars, EURO, Japanese Yen, or Chinese RMB (CNY) through a bank. Please note the following information:

    A. In US Dollars, EURO, or Japanese Yen by telegraphic transfer to the following A/C.
    Name of the bank: China Construction Bank Xi'an Changan Road Subbranch.
    Company Name(Beneficiary): Xi'an China International Travel Service Group Co., Ltd.
    Account number for USD: 6101 42 80000 220 100 311
    Account number for Euro: 6103 32 80000 220 100 338
    Account number for Japanese Yen: 6102 72 80000 220 100 328
    Address of The Bank: No 10, Chang'an Road (North), Xi'an China.

    B. In Chinese RMB by telegraphic transfer to the following A/C.
    Name of the bank: China Construction Bank Xi'an Chang'an Road Subbranch.
    Company Name(Beneficiary): Xi'an China International Travel Service Group Co., Ltd.
    Account number for RMB: 6100 172 001 505 250 6416
    Please note that
    The service charge of wire transfer will be charged by the banks both in your country and in China, normally the service charge of the wire is more expensive than PayPal when remitting from out side of China.

    To avoid any inconvenience, please state the tour code and name of participants in the remittance message.
    Please e-mail or fax the bank slip to us when the transfer is done.
    E-mail: ;
    Fax:  +86 29 85360933; +86 29 85264758.

  3. Payment via Visa or Master Card by fax
    Payment via Visa or Master Card by fax is more complicated than PayPal, the service charge is more expensive than PayPal. Additional 4% will be charged via credit card by the bank in China, meanwhile a service will be charged by your bank as well. Actually, the banks in China reluctant to provide with credit card on line services, ‘cause it is complicated for a bank in China to identify the authenticity of a credit card issued out of China.

    Please refer the below process if you are interesting in it:
    A. Upon receiving your final approval of the tour itinerary and quotation, our travel consultant will send you a "Credit Card Authorization Form" through E-mail. Please print it and fill it in as per the requested items. (Credit card authorization form)

    B. Fax the filled form with photocopies of both sides of your credit card used for payment.

    C. Fax also the photocopy of your passport, and the page of your passport with your name, picture and nationality, etc.

    D. We will make the charge based on your authorization letter and copies of your passport.

    E. Please make sure the payment is made 30 days prior to the departure of the tour.
    Please note that
    Additional 4% would be charged if payment be done via credit card issued out of China.

  4. Mail to our overseas agent in New York, USA.
    Tour reservation could be made as well by mailing to Sunshine Travel International in New York, USA for your convenience for the citizens of USA or Canada for your convenience.

    The details are as following:
    Company name(Beneficiary): Sunshine Travel International USA
    Address: 51 East, 42nd. Street, Suite 419, New York NY 10017
    Tel: 212-268-6886    1-800-850-2958
    Fax: 212-268-6688
    Please note that
    Additional 4% would be charged if payment be done via Sunshine Travel International USA.

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