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Terms & Conditions

The receipt of your deposit and/or final payment indicates that you and your agent (when applicable) have read these Terms and Conditions, and that you (and your agent) have accepted them.

The Terms and Conditions below form the basis of the contractual relationship between Chinabravo Tours (Operated by Xi’an CITS; Travel Permit Number: L-SNX-GJ00003; Business Certificate Number: 610000100091601)and its clients. It is extremely important that our clients understand and accept these Terms and Conditions as well as all web contents.

Reservation and Payment

Amendment of Itinerary

Cancellation & Refunds

The Cancellation Lost

Travel Documentation

Health Requirements

Luggage Allowance

Travel Insurance

Complaints and Claims

Liability and Responsibility


Reservation and Payment

A non-refundable deposit which is equal to 10% of the total tour cost (minimum USD50/pp) is required at the time when your reservation is made. The full or balance of the payment is required 30 days before departure for your China tour. Should the tour booked within 30 days before departure for your China tour, full payment is required.

Chinabravo Tours will draw Chinese currency (CNY) from your credit card. The Credit Card Company or Bank will convert this amount to the currency that is normally shown on your credit card.

The quotation of Chinabravo Tours is basis in Chinese RMB (CNY), the rate of US Dollars is for your reference only. The Exchange Rates of RMB against the US Dollar and other currencies are fluctuating frequently due to the changing world financial situation. Please check the exchange rate from Bank of China (website: ) before you pay.

Amendment of itinerary

Things happen now and then. Should there is any change of the tour itinerary, we will be more than happy to amend the itinerary per your request. And there is no charge for this service!

1) Amendment of the tour date. Normally, it is without any question that we could move you to a new tour date that suits you. However, it is up to the availability of the hotel, cruise ship, and the flight. Please remember to check with us before you make any decision.

2) Amendment of the sightseeing spots. Should you want to add or delete any sightseeing spots, we will add or deduct the tour cost accordingly even if you have paid the final tour payment. We will try to give you the up-to-date information about the sightseeing spots and their availability. However, the government and the management of those places never inform us ahead of time.

3) Amendment of the hotel. A difference will apply for any change of the hotel from a lower category to a higher one. Should you have stayed in the hotel, there should be no refund for any change you make.

4) Amendment of the transportation. We spare no efforts to make your trip a comfortable one, especially in transportation. Should you are not satisfied with the vehicle we provided, please let us know the first minute, we will try to change it the soonest possible. With regard to the railway system, it is always beyond our control. We hope you are fully prepared to take the Chinese train, even in soft class.

Cancellation & Refunds

We are sorry that we cancel and will miss your China tour. However, you must have a valid reason to do so. Should you want to cancel the trip for whatever the reason, we are here to be at your service. Please note the following details:

1.) Please communicate with us in written forms to notify us that you want to cancel the trip. Our travel consultant or customer service will follow up your case.

2.) In the event of cancellation, we will refund you any payment that you have made for your China trip through Chinabravo Tours.

3.) Tour cancelled 40 days prior to the departure of the tour date; we will refund you the full amount that you paid us. However, you are responsible for any bank fee if applicable.

4.) Tour cancelled 40-30-days prior to the departure of the tour date; we will refund you 90% (minimum US$50) of the amount of the tour cost.

5.) Tour cancelled 30-15 days prior to the departure of the tour date, we will refund you 70% of the amount of the tour cost. Plus the full cost of Yangtze River Cruise if applicable.

6.) Tour cancelled 14-7 days prior to the departure of the tour date, we will refund you 50% of the amount of the tour cost. Plus the full cost of Yangtze River Cruise if applicable.

7.) Tour cancelled 6-4 days prior to the departure of the tour date, we will refund you 30% of the amount that you paid us. Plus the full cost of Yangtze River Cruise if applicable.

8.) Tour cancelled 3-2 days prior to the departure of the tour date, we will refund you 15% of the amount that you paid us. Plus the full cost of Yangtze River Cruise if applicable.

9.) Tour cancelled in 24 hours of the departure of the date, you will get no refund. Plus the full cost of Yangtze River Cruise if applicable.

10.) Any additional lost, for instance, domestic air tickets booking, train tickets booing, the cruises, or Tibet Permit, will be on your cost if applicable.

11.) Any single parts of the tour itinerary which is skipped in your own will when touring in China, for instance, admission tickets, meals or shows, is not refundable. Any extra costs of alternation of your programs when touring in China are on your own expense.

The Cancellation Lost

1.) Domestic air tickets: Normally, the domestic economic or business air tickets in China are the non-refundable, non- transferred sign, non-reschedule ones. Only departure tax and fuel surcharge can be refunded when cancellation is made after the tickets booking if applicable.

2.) Train Tickets: 20% of the rate of the train tickets plus transaction service will be charged when cancellation is made after the tickets booking if applicable.

3.) Hotel Rooms: First night rate of the accommodation in each town will be charged when the cancellation is made in 30 days if applicable.

4.) Yangtze River Cruise : Cancellations received 30 days or less prior to the departure of the tour date will not be eligible for any refund of Yangtze River Cruise. No-show travelers will be charged 100% of the tour price full cost of Yangtze River Cruise if applicable.

5.) Tibet Permit: 100 yuan / per person plus transaction service and mailing fee will charged for the Permit when the cancelation of a Tibet Tour is made if applicable.

Travel Documentation

It is essential that all travelers come to China will process a valid passport and necessary visa or permit when the tour starts. It is our clients' responsibility to obtain such valid documentation to enter China. Our travel consultant will give you suggestion and guiding to get such documentation. Chinabravo Tour is not responsible or liable for any failure of our customers to obtain valid travel documentation.

For regular mainland China visitors, you must obtain the China visa through your nearest Chinese embassy or consulate. Click here for more details for embassies and visa. (Chinese Embassies & Consulates) (Pls. refer to “China Travel Kit” for details.)

For travelers who just want to visit Hong Kong and Macau only, and hold passport from certain countries DO NOT need a visa for staying a short period of time. It depends on your country of origin. Click here for more details Hong Kong and Macao Visa) (Pls. refer to “China Travel Kit” for details.)

For anyone who wants to travel to Tibet, you must have a Tibet Travel Permit to enter. It should be issued through a China Travel Agency at Tibet Tourism Administration Bureau. You need to show this permit from any city in China to buy train and air tickets to Tibet, to check in at the airport or train station for Tibet, and to check in the hotel in Tibet. However, it is your organizing China travel agent's responsibility to apply on your behalf. If you want to visit further inland of Tibet, you will need to have another permit, called Alien's Travel Permit. It is important to know that both the above two permits will not be issued to any individuals and you will be directed to one of our suppliers in Tibet, which means you will need a vehicle, driver, guide, and permit to visit Tibet. Click here for more details (Tibet Permit) (Pls. refer to “China Travel Kit” for details.)

Please notice the exception: Diplomats, Journalists, and Government officials who want to travel to Tibet, can only travel to Tibet under the arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) of Tibet Government.

Please remember you will need to have double or even multi-entry visa if you need to re-enter mainland China. Hong Kong and Macau are considered as special administrative region (SAR) in this case. You need to go through the Custom when travelling among the three areas of China.

Health requirements

It is very important our customers understand and follow the health requirements by different countries you will arrive or transit. Our customers will be responsible for checking the safety and security conditions, vaccination and other health requirements. Any traveler who enters Tibet or other high latitude area will be requested to have a doctor's certificate to prove the customer's health condition is good enough to be on a high altitude.

Luggage Allowance

In accordance with regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) regulates that, the free baggage allowance for all domestic flights within China is 20kg for the economy class, 30kg for the business class, and 40kg for the first class, plus limited carry-on luggage. Excess baggage charges are the sole responsibility of the client. Regulations within China specify that all suitcases must have a locking device attached. Failure to follow this regulation may result in refusal by airport staff to load suitcases onto the aircraft.

Travel Insurance

Chinabravo Tours has purchased Travel Agents Liability Insurance for all our customers who book package tour with us under Chinese Tourism Law. Hotel and tickets booking only customers are not included. However, we still strongly recommend our customers buying full coverage of travel insurance from your country of origin.

Chinabravo Tours are not responsible for any death or injury caused by a third party during your tour but we do carry accident insurance cover for your protection. We will assist should any claim be necessary. We recommend you have travel insurance before you begin your journey

Complaints and Claims

If you are unsatisfied with any services we provide, you must inform the local guide, relevant supplier and our customer care representative immediately who will endeavor to put things right. If your complaint is not resolved locally, please follow this up within a reasonable period of time (we would suggest 14 days) after your completion of the tour. Your complaint should be in writing, to our Customer Service at, giving your booking reference and all other relevant information. Please keep your letter concise and to the point. This will assist us to quickly identify your concerns and speed up our response to you. Relevant receipts and substantiating evidence must be attached to the letter of claim.

It is strongly suggested that you communicate any complaint to the supplier of the services in question, as well as to our representative without delay and complete a report form. If you fail to follow this simple procedure we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint and this may affect your rights under this contract.

Liability and Responsibility

We accept responsibility for ensuring our services are supplied as described on your final confirmation letter. If, after departure, any part of your travel arrangements is not provided as promised, due to the fault of our employees or suppliers, we will pay you appropriate compensation, if this has affected the enjoyment of your travel arrangements. Our liability in all cases shall be limited to refunding our customers the cost of tours.

Chinabravo Tours shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage to person or property, alteration of itineraries or cancellation in part or in full, caused by climatic conditions, earthquakes, tsunami, sea fire, breakdown of machinery or equipment, acts of government or other authorities, wars whether or not declared, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, terrorist activities, or any other actions, omissions or conditions beyond our control.

Chinabravo Tours is not responsible for our customers' failure to comply with customs regulations. And we are not responsible for the theft or loss of any customer's valuables or items of personal property due to the negligence of the customer.

Chinabravo Tours reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions in whole, or in part at any time with or without prior notice.


You may contact us via our website at, by phone, by e-mail, and by fax. If you fail to get our replies within 3 working days for reservation, cancellation, or claims. Please contact our Customer Service at, or call our 24-hour hot line: +86-29-852323170 to ensure that we are able to deal with your request.


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