Xi'an CITS is the strongest tourism firm and the largest land operator in Shaanxi Pro. With our influence and connection, for the ones who needed, we can make arrangement for you to meet the curators of the museums or see the sections which are not opened to the public, such as the Vault of the collection in Shaanxi History museums or the lower platform in front of No. 1 Pit in The Terra-cotta Museum.
Challenge to the Diplomats. On The Lower Platform, You Could See the Site Better, but this's the privilege for the Diplomats normally.


Mr.Wu Yongqi, President of the Terra-cotta museum met
 Sun Yang Lee -a film producer, who made the first documentary on the Terra Cotta Warriors.


Check the Inscription on the Warrior


Reconstruction Site, Where the Archaeologists Reassemble the figures


 I can be a Charioteer as well