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Tibet Entry Permit & Alien's Travel Permit

Tibet Entry Permit & Alien's Travel Permit


There are three kinds of permits (Tibet visa) for traveling in Tibet: the entry permit (TTB permit) , the Alien's travel permit (PSB permit) and Military Permit. It depends which part of Tibet you will travel to. General speaking, a foreign tourist will need the Tibet Travel Permits no matter which part of Tibet he/she intend to travel to. The permit can be got by Chinabravo Tour for the tourist who have a civilian passport, a China type of “L” visa and will take a guided tour arranged by Chinabravo Tours.


1.Tibet Entry Permit
The permit is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) via a China travel agency (Destination Management Company) (for example, Chinabravo Tours). This document is used for entry Tibet when board the train/flight to Tibet and when checking the hotel; the permit will be checked at each checking point especially at the sightseeing places. TTB permits are only issued to the tourists who will travel with escort tours organized by local Destination Management Company in China.


2. Alien's Travel Permit
If you want to travel further to the "unopened" areas, you need an Alien's travel permit. Alien's Travel Permit is issued by Public Security Bureau (PSB) via a China Travel Agency (Destination Management Company) (for example, Chinabravo Tours). You will need it when take tour to EBC (Everest Base Camp), Zhangmu, ect. Normally, it could be applied at Lhasa or Shigatse. The most popular place is at Shigatse Public Security Bureau, sometimes in Lhasa.


3.Military Permit
Military Permit will be needed if you want to travel further to some other "unopened" areas. Military Permit will be applied in Lhasa by Foreign Affair Office (FAO) via a China Travel Agency (Destination Management Company) (for example, Chinabravo Tours) when you intend to travel to certain unopened area, such as Ali( Mt.Kailsh, Manasorovar Lake; Guge Kindom Ruins); Overland tour from Sichuan ,Yunnan, Xinjiang, or Qinghai to Tibet;



How to get the travel permits?
Because we are a Destination Management Company in China, it's quite easy to get a travel permit for you with our help. Simply send us your
1. Passport cover page with your photo and details;
2. Valid China visa page (Must be valid upon the time of application);
3. Your entry date into Lhasa/Tibet and itinerary;
4. 100% payment will need to remit to our Company account prior to processing and upon completion.

Note: The administrations of China no matter TTB, PSB or FAO will not issue any Tibet permit to individual foreigners. So, please apply through Chinabravo Tours prior to your departure to Tibet.


Important Issues about Tibet Travel Permit
1. People of different walks of life can get Tibet permit through a China travel agency except diplomats, journalists, and government officials who should travel to Tibet under the arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Government.

2. After having a permit, a China travel agency could buy you the air/train tickets, and you can check-in at the airport/railway station/hotel, or pass the check point reroute with the permit.

3. The permit only could be hold by your local guide in Tibet after your landing in Tibet. You should take a guided tour in Tibet. Beside, "Aliens' Permit" is needed if you want to travel to other parts of Tibet except Lhasa. Otherwise if you are stopped by the police you will be sent out of Tibet or have trouble politically and economically, meanwhile, the travel agency whom you are travel with will be in trouble, too.

None of legitimate China travel agency dares to sell you the Tibet permit if you do not book a tour with them. None of the agents wants to risk of loosing their Business Licenses or Travel Permit. We don't think you want risk of a big fine for an illegal “sold” Tibet Permit.

4. There is a service charge of ¥100 yuan /pp for getting the Tibet permit from the government. Additional costs, such as transaction fee, mailing and delivery fee will be charged for the permits if applicable.


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