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City Guide -- Weinan

Travel Guide of Weinan

General Features
Weinan is situated in the east-central area of Shaanxi Province, separated from Shanxi and Henan provinces by the Yellow River. It is bordered by Xian and Xianyang in the west, and neighboring Yan'an and Tongchuan in the north. The area spans for 182.3 kilometers from the north to south, and 149.7 kilometers from west to east, which has been taken a important role in the new land bridge of Asia and Europe, also is considered as the “east gate” of Shaanxi province as well as the west provinces to the middle and eastern regions of China. Five geomorphic types can be found by the axes of Wei River, and mountains and plateau forms are in both north and south sides, and the plain covers the center. The alluvial plain formed by the River Wei is the widest area in Qinchuan.  With the administrative Division of 1 district (Linwei), 8 counties (Huaxian, Tongguan, Dali, Pucheng, Chengcheng, Baishui, Heyang, Fuping), 2 county-level cities (Huayin, Hancheng), 196 townships and 3221 administrative villages, it has a population of 5,430,000 , within it there are 2,510,000 agricultural labors out of 3,890.000 agricultural population, and covers an area of 13,000 square kilometers, in which 8,730,000 mus are the cultivated land, and 2 mus for each person.

Geographic Location
Weinan is situated in the east-central area of Shaanxi Province, separated from Shanxi and Henan provinces by the Yellow River. It is bordered by Xian in the west, and neighboring Yan'an in the north. The Qinling Mountain in the south is the boundary between Weinan and Shangluo.
The Weihe River flows through the city forming the central fluvial plain of the city. Outlining the plain, are two mountains located in its northern and southern parts. The Weihe River connects with the Yellow River as it winds southward along the eastern edge of the city.   

Weinan lies in a warm temperate zone bearing a continental semi-humid, semi-dry monsoon climate, featuring four evident seasons and abundant sunshine. Winter is cold and dry, while summer is hot. The annual average temperature stays between 11.3-13.5℃ (52.3-56.3℉).   
When to Go: Spring and autumn. 

Culture Heritage
Weinan is located in the central of China, and in the east of Guanzhong Plain, with neighbors of Qinling to the south, Loess Plateau to the north, Yellow River to the East, and the ancient capital of Chang'an to the west, Beijing time is issued from here. Because of near the Wei River, so the city is called “Weinan”, so far this city has a history 2700 years, it became an administratively designated city in 1995, and comprises one district, two cities, eight counties and a high-tech development zone with Land area of 13,000 square kilometers and a total population of 5.5 million.

Weinan, with a long history and rich cultural content, is the root and source of Chinese culture. “homo erectus lantianensis” of 80 thousands years ago and“Dali Man” of 20 thousands years ago was living on this land, Astragalus complanatus, Longshan Culture sites, as well as the remains of Xiyue temple, Taishi Temple, Cang Jie Temple are all recorded the long history of Chinese civilization , the famous verses “Guan! Guan! Cry the fish hawks on sandbars in the river,” from the “Book of Songs” was about the story of the beautiful Yellow River wetlands. Tongzhou Bangzi, Egong opera have lasted for centuries, shadow puppets, paper cutting and other folk art are wonderful man crafts, Huayin old cavity, Heyang string are known as living fossils drama and the Oriental Rock. 5500 pieces of cultural relics are kept in the city. Hancheng moving drums, Tongguan ancient warships and other 10 projects have been collected in the national non-material cultural heritages.

Weinan possesses many talents and magnificent landscapes. Here is the birthplace of the humanity ancestor Diku, calligraphy Saint Cangjei, Wine saint Dukang, and history saint Simaqian. As well as six emperors like Wen emperor of Sui dynasty, 80 prime ministers in feudal China like Kouzhun of Song dynasty. more than 300 generals like patriotic general Yanghucheng, and many historical figures like Bai Juyi, Xi Zhongxun, Du Pengcheng and some other historical figures. Here offers a unique landscape. Xiyue Huashan is extremely dangerous and marvelous; thousands eyes spring is surrounded by large areas of reed, the largest wetland of the Yellow River is known as the “northern Jiangnan”; Yellow River Longmen natural moat is known as the “northern Three Gorges”; China's only inland plains desert tourism site and the Royal Imperial Spring ... ...etc. We can say that Weinan has the splendid natural views of great Yellow River and Qinling. All of these will bring us aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment, and make a sense of intimacy of “heart touching without moving afar”.

Weinan enjoys unique and rich resources. It is located in the broadest area of Qinchuan, with fertile soil, plentiful sunshine, it is known as Shaanxi “granary” and “cotton base”, and the world's best quality apple production site, China largest green fruit production and concentrated apple juice processing zones. Famous for its “Apple Town”, “Pear Town”, “Hometown of Chinese prickly ash”, “Chinese Date Town” and “Chinese Persimmon Town”. It also has various mineral resources with large reserves, high grade, and easy exploration. “Weibei Black Belt” is one of the top ten coal-producing sites, and ranks in the third place in China for gold mining as “China Gold Town”, and "China Molybdenum Industry Capital" ranks first in Asia.

With convenient traffic and obvious favorable location, Weinan won the reputation of “arteries of Shaanxi, and thoroughfare for provinces” Since ancient times, now it is the “bridgehead” for the western development, which belongs to Guanzhong - Tianshui economic zone and Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan Yellow River golden triangle experimental zone, 80 kilometers away from the Xianyang International Airport, and in the one-hour economic circle of Xi'an city. It is one of the most intensive railway coverage areas in China, also owns dense roads, in which the high-speed road mileage ranks first in Shaanxi Province.

Natural Resources
The city of Weinan, located in the conjunction of the Qinling geosyncline and the Ordos platform, riches in mineral resources, four main categories of the mineral resources are all growing here. The space distributive pattern is in belt shape and shows as “Non-ferrous metals in the south, energy resources in the north, and the geothermal energy, building materials in the middle”. The north is the edge of Ordos basin area where mainly supply the coal, sedimentary nonmetallic minerals, and small amount of metal ores and sedimentary metamorphic minerals. Coal, cement, limestone, sedimentary iron ore, bauxite and other minerals are all produced in the northern part of the area. For the Fen-Wei graben area in central part, there are plenty of reserves of clay minerals for brick and tile, high-quality mineral water, geothermal resources, and a small amount of salt. Southern part includes the partial mountains of western Henan, the main offer is a multi-metal ore belt, such as large-scale molybdenum, uranium, niobium lead and some wide exposed small Qinling gold fields, etc., followed by non-metallic building materials, marble, vermiculite and graphite, as well as Huashan granite and Laoniu mountain granite building materials, stone and so on. Minerals were buried shallow in Weinan, and the associated, symbiotic multi-minerals are the majorities.

As of the end of 2002, the identification of resources / reserves was up to 51 kinds. Within were 4 kinds of energy minerals, 8 kinds of metallic minerals, 8 kinds of rare, scattered, rare earth elements, 31 kinds of non-metallic minerals, and 238 mineral producing areas. 38 minerals and 221 producing spots were listed in the reserve table. 5 mineral reserves, Molybdenum, lead, copper, niobium, and selenium     rank No. 1 in Shaanxi Province, in which the reserves of molybdenum ranks the country's top three; iron, bauxite, rhenium rank No. 2 in Shaanxi Province; gold reserves rank No.3 in Shaanxi Province, and marble and graphite rank No. 4 in Shaanxi Province.

The Achievements
Scientific and technological strength has been further strengthened. Accumulative total Provincial Science and Technology projects in the city reported up to 131 (10 programs from Ministry of Science and Technology, 109 from Provincial Science and Technology Department, 12 from Provincial Intellectual Property Office), currently 63 projects have been approved and initiated, free financing of 15.45 million yuan has been supported by the ministries and provinces, compared with the year of 2007, the project number and financial support respectively increase 50% and 12%. Scientific and technological innovations goes smoothly, and have collected a total of 114 city-level scientific and technological innovation projects, 65 projects have been approved and initiated, and arranged for the municipal science and technology funds for 2.05 million. 5 different scientific and technological demonstration towns and villages have been build throughout the year, and collected 29 items of science and technology awards, 13 winning projects were out of assessment, 5 scientific and technological achievements were identified. Received 337 patent applications, and granted 137 patents of them.

Education is steadily developing. The consolidation of “universal nine years compulsory education” achieved remarkable results, free and compulsory education achieved full coverage of the urban and rural areas. Drop-outs haven’t been found among primary students of the city, junior high school dropout rate decreased year by year, the average dropout rate was 0.5%. General high school education come to a new level, 1 provincial level standardized high school was built throughout the year, 3 senior high schools are under the municipal inspection, another 3 senior high schools had passed the provincial inspection, at present, the city owns 33 standardized high schools, which takes total number of 41% of senior middle schools, high school enrollment rate reaching over 80%. And outstanding achievements are also in vocational education. 48.6 million yuan was invested for the county-level vocational education centers and training bases, and also for the establishment of the core majors, 4 practical training building were built, and 6 provincial core majors were set, currently 6 state-level majors have been set, and 28 for provincial and municipal levels. initially formed a fine professional vocational education, 36290 students were enrolled to the vocational education last year, the vocational high school graduates placement rate was 98%, which was ranking in the forefront of the province. Continuously improvement for the quality of teachers results the higher educational background to the primary school teachers and high school teachers, by the end of the year, the city has 1 full-time institution of higher school (Weinan Teachers University), and 15300 students, 408 ordinary secondary schools, which has 456.9 thousand students, and 1855 primary schools, 382.3 thousand pupils in them.

Health also grows well. Three-tier rural health network of the city made a remarkable achievements, five county-level hospital constructive projects supported by the bond funds are progressing well, five township hospitals are well equipped, and finished the identification of levels of technical proficiency for these township hospitals, 55 township hospitals were rated Grade A hospitals, primary health care integrated service capabilities was strongly enhanced. New rural cooperative medical care program was further promoted, the participation rate was  93.2%, which turn into the number were 3.8725 million people, the total compensation for inpatients were 164.1 thousand people, the amount of compensation was 178 million yuan, and the amount for per capita hospitalization was 1026 yuan. The construction of Community Health moved forward, 12 health service centers and 48 service stations were set up in the city, 80% communities are covered by the health service centers. By the end of the year, it has 331 health institutions (not including clinics, health centers and dispensaries), in which there were 268 hospitals and health centers, 14202 health technicians, of which 5740 were doctors, 3956 were registered nurses, it has 12845 beds, 11645 of them belong to the hospitals and health centers.

The metallurgical industry mainly include molybdenum, gold, aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals resources, there were 33 large scale metallurgical enterprises in our city, and it’s industrial output value was 14.742 billion yuan, Jinduicheng Molybdenum Corporation is the largest national production and export base, also is a national super large state enterprise, it has an annual output capacity of molybdenum of 28,000 tons, which accounting for 89.74% of the province's total output of molybdenum, and also accounting for more than half of national molybdenum production. The city completed an output of 2.24 million tons of steel, 2.545 million tons of crude steel and 2.345 million tons of pig iron in 2006, of which Shaanxi Longmen Iron and Steel Group became the leading metallurgical industry in our city, and nominated the country's top 500 enterprises.

Energy industry, primarily for coal and electricity, are our city's traditional industries, by the end of 2006, there were 59 large scale energy enterprises, they completed industrial output value of 12.674 billion yuan, increased 17.43% as compared with the corresponding period, of which the completion of coal mining and washing output valued of 3.501 billion yuan, which mainly conducted by coal mining administrations of Chenghe, Pubai, and Hancheng, the three Mining has an annual output of raw coal of 12 million tons, together with the local coal mines’ annual output, the total annual output could reach 15 million tons. Coke production is dominated by Hancheng Heimao coking, Haiyan coking, coke and chemical enterprises of Shaanxi, their design production capacity was 7.54 million tons, and achieved  output value of 2.573 billion yuan with annual output of coke of 3.24 million tons. Electricity, heat output value of 6.6 billion yuan, as for power generation, mainly produced by thermal power plants of Qinling, Pudian, and Handian, they have a total installed capacity of 4.25 million kilowatts, which accounting for 35.42 percent of the province's total installed capacity, and annual power generation can almost reach 250 billion kilowatts

The Sightseeing
Mt Huashan, Longmen Scenic Area, Dang Village, Confucius Temple, Sima Qian Temple, Mount Shaohua, Qiachuan Scenic Area.

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