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City Guide -- Jingyang

Travel Guide of Jingyang County of Shaanxi Pro.
Jingyang county is located in the north side of Jing river hence the name .(the north side of river is yang).There is a term in China "jing wei fen ming" which means two things are entirely different as the water of the Jing and Wei. (Jing river is clear but Wei is not )
The famous Zhengguo irrigation canal built in the Qin dynasty in 200 BC, which is earlier than Dujiangyan in Chengdu, is located in Jingyang and is still working nowaday. The mausoleum of the first emperor Tang dynasty-Xian Ling mausoleum is also in Jingyang and according to the archaeological research, there are a lot of stone statues of foreign envoys in front of it .
Jingyang is important in modern history too .During the war of resistance of Japanese, the red army was redesignated as the eight–route army in Yunyang town of Jingyang .The first youth training school of the Communist Party was founded in Anwu village of Jingyang at that time. From 1937 to 1941, more than 12000 young leaders of the Communist Party were trained there, including Huang hua and Liao chengzhi ,etc. who later became the senior leaders of the Communist Party and the main force of Chinese revolution. Eight out of ten generals of China uses to stay there before, and even chairman Mao used to lived there. There are a lot of precious photos and documents that can record this part of history. 
We suggest that go to Jingyang as the first stop to learn modern Chinese history.
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Highlights of Jingyang

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