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City Guide -- Changchun

Travel Guide of Changchun in Jilin Province


General Features
The establishment of Changchun:
Changchun is a new city with only about 200 years of history. In the year of 1800, Emperor Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty selected a small village on the east bank of the Yitong River and named it as "Changchun Ting", and in the year of 1889, it was promoted as "Changchun Fu".

Modern Changchun
In 1930, the Japanese imperialists invaded the Northeast China, established the Manchurian Public country, and selected Changchun as its capital. Later, they renamed Changchun as "Xinjing ( the new capital )" and made it suffered from this shameful history.

The open & modernized Changchun:
After the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially since the reform and open door policy, great changes have taken place in Changchun for its construction development. Now Changchun has formed its own advantage and characteristics with very solid foundations in industry and agriculture, and prosperous commerce. It is a very influential regional center city in China with high degree openness and advanced science and education. It is characterized as the automobile city, forest city, film city and city of science, technology and culture.

Geographic Location
Changchun City is situated at the heart of Songliao Plains in northeast China, and it's counties and districts located at 124'18" - 127'02" east longitude, 43'05" - 45'15" north latitude. The total area of Changchun is 20,571 square kilometers, including municipal areas of 2,583 square kilometers, and the municipal constructed area is 159 square kilometers. The city is 250 - 350 meters above the sea level. The city stands at the center of the three northeast provinces, and at the crisscross point of the third east-westward "Europe-Asia Continental Bridge".

The special continental monsoon climate characteristics make the winter cold and dry, and summer rainy and hot. Temperature Changes distinctively in the four seasons, making the temperature lower in winter but higher in summer than that of the other regions at the same latitude.

Due to its transitional location, Changchun enjoys more sunshine and rain falls, thereby offering favorable climate for the local agriculture.

The whole year's average temperature is 4.8 degrees centigrade. The lowest temperature is -39.85 degrees centigrade and the highest 39.5 degree centigrade. In summer, the southeaster prevails. Its annual precipitation is in the range between 522 and 615 mm, with 60 per cent falling in summer. The average temperature in July is 23 degrees centigrade. In autumn, pleasant and mild weather may last for days combined with more conspicuous temperature changes and lower wind speed than those in spring.

The Main Industries:
City of Automobiles: Changchun is the cradle of Chinese automobile industry, a famous auto city in China. On July 13, 1956, a truck branded with Jiefang (Liberation) was produced, which opened a new age for Chinese auto industry. This truck was the first automobile entirely made by Chinese. Famous and Changchun International Automobile Fair makes Changchun a real City of Automobiles.

City of Films: Changchun Film Studio was the first one after the found of People's Republic of China. It is praised as the cradle of Chinese film industry. For dozens of years, a great many excellent domestic films and dubbed films were produced here which gained a good fame for Changchun Film Studio both at home and abroad. As a calling card of Changchun, ceremonious Changchun Film Festival has enhanced its honor City of Film. Film is an intermedium. People outside Changchun have known more about this city through film; while Changchun has presented more of itself by films.

Natural Resources
Water Resources

Changchun area is dotted with 222 rivers and lakes, the tributaries of Songhua River, Rinma River and Yitong River. Of them, there are 10 rivers cover a total water area of over 1, 000 kilometres, accounting for 4.5 per cent. The number of the river with a total water area range between 200 kilometres and 1, 000 kilometres is 206, making up 92.8 per cent. The rest 2.7 per cent is the 6 rivers with a total water area of less than 200 kilometres. Mushi River, Yinma River, Yitong River, Shuangyang River, Wukai River and Xinkai River, etc., situating from the east to the west, run all the way into the Second Songhua River.

The Achievements
Changchun is a central city of the old industrial base in Northeast China, and it has long been playing an important role in the construction and development process of socialism of China. As the situation develops and changes, the chronic conflicts in system and structure of the old industrial base have become increasingly conspicuous, which in return holds back socioeconomic development of Changchun. The 16th CPC National Congress pointed out that supports would be given to speed up the adjustment and reconstruction of such old industrial bases as the one in Changchun. This was another strategic decision of great importance following the strategy of opening up the eastern costal cities of China and the strategy of developing the western regions of China. As for Changchun, the strategy of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China is historic opportunity. Seizing the opportunity, speeding up the tempo of adjusting, reconstructing and rejuvenating the old industrial base in Changchun is of great importance to improving the people’s living standards and building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. According to the national and the provincial topologies and in line with the basic situation of Changchun, the Compendium of Rejuvenation Plan for  the Old Industrial Base of Changchun was made to guide the actions to adjust and reconstruct the old industrial base in Changchun.

At the beginning of the new year, Changchun prioritized the cultivation and development of such strategic emerging industries as advanced manufacturing, optoelectronic information, biological medicine, new energy and new material in an effort to create new growth poles for industrial economy. 
As for the advanced manufacturing industry, more support will be given to energy-saving and new-energy vehicles including hybrid vehicles, electric and fuel-battery automobiles and also to other fields such as opto-mechatronic manufacturing equipment, large-scale IC manufacturing equipment and so on. For the optoelectronic information industry, priority will be given to new-style display panels, photovoltaic modules, optical communication component, LED lighting, auto battery, electric motor and vehicle sensing and control, and executive components, embedded software and other fields. In addition, support will also be given to the research and development as well as industrialization of key technologies and components.

For biological medicine industry, more support will be given to such fields as biochemical, biological energy, biological medical care and biological pharmacy, etc. And research and development as well as industrialization of comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, new polymer materials, and green chemical technologies will also be supported. For new energy industry, priority will be given to the development of such fields as wind energy, solar energy, core equipment and key component for biological energy utilization, intelligent grid equipment and component. For new material industry, more support will be given to such fields as luminescent material, rare earth alloy, polymer organic material, and new-style building material, etc.

At the same time, strategic investors will be encouraged to develop new-style industrial industries, and to carry out construction of key projects and development of new products. In addition, the system characterized by “one meeting for one case” and “one policy for one enterprise” will be adopted to support large project with an investment of over RMB 1 billion.

The Sightseeing
The Imperial Palace of the Puppet Manchurian State,Movie City,The Culture Plaza,Jingyue Pond Ski Resort



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