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Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show

The Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show Theatre


Although the Tang Dynasty complex is specially designed to accommodate a world class theatre restaurant, it is also equipped with extensive banqueting facilities and an authentic Cantonese cuisine restaurant . Centrally located in Xi'an ,Shaanxi, the complex is 2km south of the famous Bell Tower which is the center of the city.

Since its debut in 1988, the Tang Dynasty Complex received over 3.3 million guests from around the world . This is also a place where dignitaries and visitors to Xian congregate to partake of the splendor of the Tang Cultural experience.In fact, overseas visitors commented that their evening at the Tang Dynasty Complex was perhaps the most entertaining and enriching experience in their journey around China.

The theatre restaurant of the Tang Dynasty Complex is the only one of its kind in modern China that is comparable to the best internationally. The main hall covers an area of approximately 2000 square metres and can comfortably seat over 600diners at any one time.

The sumptuous menu, which blends the best of the West and the East followed by the rich and colourful cultural experience of the Tang Civilization, qualifies the evening entertainment as the prime show of shows. The blending of the graceful art-form of Ancient Chang An and the latest in lighting and stage effects is a beauty and a joy to the beholder. The Tang Cultrual Show may be a total contrast to some of the contemporary musicals of modern Las Vegas, but is nevertheless hailed by visitors as the “Lido”of the Orient.

Introduction of The Tang Dynasty Dance
The Tang Dynasty Theatre Restaurant proudly presents to you a performance of Changan Music and Dance which originated over a thousand years ago in Changan  the capital of The Tang Dynasty  which is now known as Xian. The Tang Dynasty lasted from 618AD to 907AD. During this time China experienced tremendous culture  artistic and technological achievements. Even now  modern Chinese culture owes much to the historical legacies of The Tang Dyansty.

It is our honour to present to you this cultural extravaganza  reflecting the grander and splendor of ancient China.

The performance has been recreated in accordance with various historical records and ancient arts inherited from the very prosperous Tang Dynasty. These arts have been considered China' s master cultural arts form that time forward and are performed today by The Tang Dynasty Song and Dance Troupe. The troupe is internationally renowned and has given numerous world-wide performances. It has also won warm acclaim and many national awards here in China.

The performance will be staged in four segments
The first performance is a Tang Dynasty instrumental entitled THE KING OF EVER. During the performance you will see various Chinese musical instruments which are no longer in use. This piece celebrates the appreciation of the people towards their Ruler who had brought peace  wealth and tranquility to the Kingdom. At Royal Banquets  the court musical masters played this grand number to praise the Emperor  and to wish him a long and happy life. It is hoped that the magnificence and wealth fo the Tang era will be conveyed to you through this vivid and lively performance.

Cultural Dance Segment
The second segment features four dances of different moods. The first presentation is the WHITE RAMIC CLOTH COSTUME DANCE. This dance was choreographed as a demonstration fo the flowing quality fo Ramie Cloth  which was invented by the Chinese some 1500 years ago. The DA NUO  a sorcere's dance  was meant to expel epidemics and ghosts and to solicit wellbeing. During the Tang period  this masked dance was performed in the courts and among the noble every New Year's Eve. The third presentation is entitled the RAINBOW COSTUME DANCE  a very famous dance from the Tang Dynasty. According to legend  the Tang Emperor Xuan Zong dreamt he had traveled to the Palace of the Moon  where he saw celestial women  clothed in feathers and rosy clouds dancing in the sky.

After the Emperor awoke  his favourite concubine Yang Qui Fei  renowned as one of the four most beautiful women in Chinese history  choreographed and performed this dance according to the Emperor`s recollection.

The last dance in this segment is the WARRIORS TRIUMPHAL DANCE. Before Li Shimin was the Emperor of Tang in A.D.627-649  he had the title of Prince of Qin. With his artistic talent in both music and dance as well as his military ambitions  he composed this “Warriors Triumphal Dance of Qin” to express his vision of the powerful  sonorous and forceful spirit of his commanding troops.

Instrumental Musical
After a series of sensational dancing performance  we will then present to you a unique and incredibly complex hand-plucked stringed instrument musical called"Happy String Outing". In this performance  our musical masters will demonstrate their superb skills by playing captivating melodies to praise the graceful beauty of early Spring. This scene depicts the lifestyle and customs of the noble classes as they gathered along the Qujiang River outside ancient Changan to celebrate the New Year and the great prosperity and harmony of the Tang Empire.

The inspiration behind this spectacular musical performance is  of course  our master feature performer-Mr. Gao Ming. Mr.Gao has won many national and provincial awards and is internationally recognized as the premier performer of the Pai Xiao-a three thousand year old instrument. Mr.Gao will perform the “SPRING ORIOLES SONG” which originated during a Tang Emperor`s accession to the throne when a flock of Orioles flew overhead. The Emperor was so impressed by this good luck sign that he ordered his court musicians to compose music for the Pai Xiao  which would imitate the sounds of these majestic birds.

The final presentation is THE TAGE  a clog dance. This style of dance is an age-old tradition that was popular in the palaces as well as among the common people of the Tang period. This dance represents the people celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in a beautiful area near the Emperor's palace at the foot of Li Shan mountain. As the people are joyfully dancing  the Tang Emperor appears and joins in the celebration. For the people of ancient days  this was a distinctive honour. In this performance  the Tang Emperor will parade with his noble men through the festival grounds to give his blessings to the people of his kingdom.

Photo Gallary of the Tang Dynasty Show



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