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Crescent Moon Spring

Crescent Moon Spring is only about 5 km to the south of downtown Dunhuang. It gets its name as it is crescent in shape, and is also known as "sand well" because it's an oasis.

Crescent Moon Spring is surrounded by Mingsha Mountain and Alamos, 150meters long and 50 meters wide. There are fishes swimming in the spring. The spring is light blue in color, sweet and clear.

Mingsha Mountain gets its name as its sand moves and makes sound. It is called Shajiao Mountain or Shensha Mountian in ancient times. It is 40 kilometers in length, 20 kilometers in width, and 1715 meters in altitude. It winds and rolls seen from a distance. The sand has various colors such as pink, yellow, green, white and black. It is one of Dunhuang’s Eight Views. Yueya Spring is surrounded by hills and Alamos. The spring is light blue in color, sweet and clear.

Miangshan Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring have been two wonders of the desert for over 2000 years.

Crescent Moon Spring has been endangered by the sand storms for hundreds of years. It was measured as 4 to 5 meters in depth in 1960, but the average depth was only about 0.9 meter in early 1990. Yet it's still full of rippling water. Indeed, it's one of the wonders in this remote area.

The best time to visit is summer. Remember to watch the spectacular views of the sunset on the desert.

When visiting, you should bring the glasses and a first-aid kits for sand storms.


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