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Leitai Han Tomb

Leitai Han Tomb is located inside the Leitai Park in Beiguan Rd. , Wuwei City. It is a large tomb built with brick and stone in the late years (186-219) of the Eastern Han Dynasty, from which the Bronze Galloping Horse, the symbol of China's tourism was unearthed. It is the tomb of Zhangjun, the head of Zhangye County, accroding to the inscription on the chest of bronze horses.

On Leitai (literally the Platform of Thunder Thor) stood the Shrine of Thunder Thor's ancestor for sacrificing the Thor in the past, hence the name. There are 231 cultural relics and 99 bronze chariots with honored guards of tomb figures unearthed from this tomb. 

The greenish Bronze Galloping Horse, also named the “horse with hoof on a swallow”, has a height of 34.5cm, length of 45cm and weight of 7.15kg. The wonder is that the galloping modelling of horse surpassed the flying swallow with three hoofs as well as its head and tail raised in the air, it steel keeps well balanced, completely complying with the equilibrium theory of mechanics, reflecting the rich cultural contents of the“Heaven Horse”. It was cast with such excellent skill and can be reputed as the masterwork of the Bronze Art. Leitai Tomb has been a major historical and cultural site under state protection.


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