Chang'an Interpreter & Translator Service of Xi'an CITS
We have a team of more than 240 university-educated with bachelor or master degree and well-trained professional multi-lingual tour guides. The staff includes English, German, French, Spanish, Italian ,Japanese, Russian and Korean speaking and other foreign language speaking guide. Our guides play multi-roles, they not only speak the language well, but also are knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, caring, sincere, honest and sensitive to the needs of our customers.
We are proud of our best guides team in China. It happened very often, when a museum guide is needed in the reception of the dignitaries from other countries, one of tour guides from our company will represent the museum as a “museum guide”. This is because there're no what westerners believe "museum guide" in China, but only "scenic spots guide" in the museums. Many guides in the museums are college student volunteers. In 1998, When President Clinton Payed a visit to Xi'an, our guides, Zhang lin represented The Museum Of Terra Cotta Warriors And Horses; Yu Da Hu (Tiger Yu ) and Zhao Li Cheng, Shaanxi History Museum as "museum guides". Meanwhile, other 28 English speaking guides worked as interpreters for the staff of the mission.
Mr. Wu delivers a speech on Chinese Culture
Mr. Wu, a collector, one of 24 top guides licensed by National Tourism Administration in China,  built his own private museum. His attainments are not only on language, academic, but also on artistic and Chinese culture.

A lecture to all our Foreign Languages Speaking guides

English guides put on a performance at New Year's Party in 2009.


He Xiaozhou, a Taiji Master,a retired English guide from our company, 
demostrated his Taijin and Chinese Kongfu on the stage 
at Chinese Year's Party 2009 



Guides of Multi-language dept. played a perforemance on the stage
at New Year's Party in 2009.



English speaking guides


Japanese-speaking guides

French,Italian,Spanish and Germen speaking guides

Lynn, Zhang Lin (lady in middle) represent the  Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses as a “museum guide” in Clinton Mission in 1998.

An Appreciation Letter from WHCA to one of our guides who wroked
at a interpreter at Clinton Mission in 1998