1. The Best tour guides team in China.

The management of Xi'an CITS is very proud of our best guides team in China. It happened very often, when a museum guide is needed in the reception of the dignitaries from other countries, one of tour guides from our company will represent the museum as a "museum guide". This is because there're no what westerners believe "museum guide" in China, but only "scenic spots guide" in the museums. Many guides in the museums are college-student volunteers. In 1998, When President Clinton Payed a visit to Xi'an, our guides, Zhang lin represented The Museum Of Terra Cotta Warriors And Horses; Yu Da Hu (Tiger Yu ) and Zhao Li Cheng, Shaanxi History Museum as "museum guides". Meanwhile, other 28 English speaking guides woked as interpreters for the staff of the mission.
2. Specially built coaches & cars for your comfort.
For your comfort, when we order the buses, we always ask to put one less row of the seats in the bus, in this way you could stretch and have more legging space. When we take the private tours of one or two persons, we use "red Flag" cars. "Red Flag" is the brand of Chinese official cars made in No. automobiles works. The No. 1 automobiles works is the plant where the first Chinese limousine is made, now become the favorite ones by the collectors; Audi is produced here as well. The cars we're using now looks like the third generation of Audi, which is bigger than normal cars.
3. Experienced Tour Operators & Travel Consultants.
Xi'an CITS allows escorted traveling at your own rhythm, with only the people of your choice, with your preference of activities and visits and with as much flexibility as you wish. It is a creative and an exclusive experience for those of you who require a highly individualized service.
Xi'an CITS will be perfectly blended with your choice of destinations to create an ideal tour itinerary just for you. Our Travel Consultant will help you craft an itinerary that reflects your idea of a perfect journey. You dream up an idea to celebrate the most important milestones in your life, an anniversary, a retirement celebration, a family or alumni reunion, a birthday celebration, a wedding in a Church in China, an experience of visiting a village or school in China or golf package tour, we will make sure this journey is made up of one in a lifetime experience and memories to cherish.
Xi'an CITS will give you more flexibility on arrangement, We could creat  itineraries that cannot be equaled by other touring companies. Our Company is the strongest tourism firm in Shaanxi Pro. With our influence and connection, for the ones who needed, we can make arrangement for you to meet the curators of the museums or see the Vault of the collection places of the museums.
You simply determine where you want to go, and allow us to arrange accommodations, transfers, and expert local guides for your journey. Our Tour Consultant will create a suggested itinerary designed to suit your desires, complete with the same personalized attention you expect from our luxury escorted journeys.
Your itinerary will be tailored to your specifications—such as the number of travelers in your party, your desired departure date, length of journey, budget, and of course, destination. Please remember to share any special considerations or restrictions with us, so we can plan your journey accordingly. We provide considerate service to make your tour in China comfortable.
All of our staff are ever ready to help you with travel arrangements in China. We offer you a wide range of selections and affordable destinations. We can make programs for you as per your requirement at the best possible competitive rates. We shall be very happy to forward you any type of information your needs to plan your trip to China.
With its focus on marketing and operating of international and domestic traveling, our staff always keeps in mind our code of business conduct - "Trustworthiness, Honesty, Sincerity and Quality" which is also the life-support principle of Xi'an CITS.
Chinabravo Tours is a leading travel agency, a largest Destination Management Company based in China. Our desire is to bridge the cultural gap between the East and the West. Chinabravo Tours is committed to making your trip to China an exciting, educational and memorable travel experience.