Mail from Wright Aldridge <>
Date: 2013-4-11 20:52:56
Subject: A Message for Li Yan

Please send this message to Li Yan.  She was our guide on a recent tour arranged by Crystal Cruises.  Her work was outstanding.

We arrived home Friday as scheduled. We are tired from our trip but happy we saw sights and sounds we had only read about and met many very nice people.

We enjoyed our trip down the Li River in Guilin. We had cloudy weather but no rain. The karst peaks are a beautiful sight.

We flew back to Hong Kong and boarded the ship. In Xiamen we had a tour of Gulangyu Island. Saw several brides and grooms having wedding pictures made.

In Shanghai we docked downtown across from the Pearl Tower and had a perfect view of the Bund. The first day we went to Suzhou and saw the Garden of the Humble Administrator and the silk embroidery research institute and rode along the canals. The works of art made at the embroidery institute were beautiful. I did not know such works of art could be made using embroidery techniques.

I got sick the first night in Shanghai and was in our room for two days and missed seeing any other parts of Shanghai. I ate some food that did not agree with me. I recovered after the second day.

We saw Dalian in the rain. It was cold, windy, and wet but the sights at Lushun were interesting. Linda stayed in Dalian and visited an apartment and a school.

We spent three days in Beijing seeing the Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, and climbed the Great Wall which makes us heroes. As luck would have it, it rained as we started our climb on the Great Wall but it stopped after a few minutes. The other days were sunny.

Thank you for being the guide that was the best. You showed us several interesting sites in Xian and we enjoyed all of them.
Wright Aldridge


Mail from Raymond Rooth (Norwegian)
Nov.04 (Friday) 2011

Dear Chris,
We are back in our home in CA.
Thank you so much for your fine service. Everything did work out to our
satisfaction. Your Guides and drivers where top.
Audy and Raymond


Mail from Lilian Chaljub,
Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
United Nations Environment Programme
Oct. 06 2011

Hi chris,
I wanted to thank you once more for the wonderful tour and organization for my two boys.  They thought that the tour guide just as you mentioned it was absolutely great, they loved every bit of it, they enjoy the one day tour in Xian thanks to your organization and thanks to the great guide.

Once more i can say that anyone who travels to china i can definitely recommend china bravo it is just great to know that you feel secured and your moneys' worth.

With many sincere thanks


Lilian Chaljub
Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
United Nations Environment Programme
15, rue de Milan


Mail from Dr Tessa Ho MBBS (Syd) MHP (UNSW) MD (UNSW)
Dec. 23 2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to commend Ms Carolyn Bai, who provided exceptional services to our family as our tour guide during our visit (arranged through Helen Wong's Tours) from 16 to 18 December, 2010.

My husband and I have travelled extensively in the last 20 years and we have never encountered such a wonderfully engaged and genuinely interested guide. Ms Bai went out of her way, in response to our daughter's request seeking particular places for souvenirs. She provided informed commentary on the historic sites and gave us many insights into the Chinese culture and day to day life.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Xian and learnt a great deal about the incredibly rich culture of the city and China, thanks to Ms Bai's excellent services.

With best wishes
Tessa and Ken Ho
Isabelle and Timothy Ho

Dr Tessa Ho MBBS (Syd) MHP (UNSW) MD (UNSW)
Associate Professor and Acting Director
Perinatal and Reproductive Epidemiology Research Unit
AIHW National Perinatal  Statistics Unit
School Women's and Children's Health
Faculty Medicine
University New South Wales


Mail from Peonia B.A.Zappa (Brazil)

May 28 2010

Dear Maggie,
Now that I am back to Brazil I would like to thank you for the marvellous tour you have provided us. We loved everything. The hotels were nice, the food was delicious, and the visits to temples, palaces and all the beaultiful things your country offered us were very interesting. The guides were gentle and all had a very good english. Beth (Beijing), Crystal (Xi'an), Sue (Guilin) and Jack (Shangai) were all perfect.
If any of my friends should come to China I'll recommend your agency.
Best regards
Peonia B.A.Zappa


Mail from Sharon Isaac (New York, USA)
May 8 2010 Sun

Dear Chris,
Thanks you for booking the Red Rose Hotel, it was comfortable, the staff were very nice and pleasant and the location was perfect.  Thank you for suggesting that hotel.  We also loved Chen Lu very much, I just wish I had asked you where to go to buy porcelain.  We were fascinated by the walls built from pots and the surrounding countryside was beautiful.  Also, Howard
was a great guide, we really enjoyed our time with him.

Thank you for a really enjoyable tour of Shaanxi.

Sharon Isaac


Letter from Alexander Jurgens <>
April. 12 2010 Monday

Xi'an CITS
To whom it concerns.

On the 14 of march 2010, I arrived at Beijing International Airport and found out, that 1 of my bagagecases was lost.
By the qualified assistance of the tourguide mrs. Yangying and the company Air China , I received my case in the hotel within 8 hours.
I would say many thanks for the very good tour-leading in the German language and solving my big caseproblem in such a short time.

Alexander Jurgens


E-mail from Laura Purcell (Canadian)
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 02:53:29 -0800
Hi Chris.  Although the weather was awful, the trip was great.  Ruby was fantastic.  Thank you for all your help in arranging this for me.  I paid Ruby in cash today.

Laura Purcell, MSc, MD, FRCPC, FAAP, Dip Sport Med.
Assistant Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Departments of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine
University of Western Ontario
London ON
Pediatric Emergency Consultant
London Health Sciences Centre
800 Commissioners' Road East
London ON N6C 6B5
Pediatric Sport Medicine Physician
Pediatric Sport and Injury Clinic
London ON
Past-Chair, Pediatric Sport and Exercise Medicine Committee, CASM
President, Paediatric Sport and Exercise Medicine Section, CPS


An Appreciation Letter from Mr. Luiz Olavo Baptista
São Paulo, October 15, 2009.

48 (N) Chang'an Rd.
710061 Xi'an,China 
I am writing you to thank your company for the excellent services you have provided me and also to send you a word of praise on behalf of Mr. Liu Qingwei and of the driver of the car. Both have been very helpful and cordial.

Mr.  Liu  Qingwei  has  a  great  knowledge  of  his  town  and  of  its  history  and  he  was  an  enthusiastic history teller which gave a great boost in my knowledge and appreciation of China.

Thank you very much.
Truly Yours
Luiz Olavo Baptista


An Appreciation Letter from Mr. Rob Irvin
Oct. 13 2009 07:25:40 (China Time)

Mr. Li Zhi (Bruce Lee)

I would like you to know what an outstanding experience my wife and I had during our visit to Xi'an from October 9 - 11 because of the excellent manner in which Helen performed her duties as our Tour Guide. She was gracious, friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and carried out her duties and responsibilities in a thoroughly professional manner. Her English is the best we have experienced during our visit to China. She was always on time and kept us informed about what we were going to see.

Helen is the type of person who creates a very favorable impression of Xi'an and China for English-speaking foreign visitors. She made us feel welcome in your city and your country.

Your are very fortunate to have her working for your company. You should be very proud to have her representing your firm and your country.

Thank you for assigning her to be our Tour Guide. Our visit to Xi'an is one we will never forget.

Rob Irvin

216 South Lincoln Avenue
Tampa, Florida
(813) 870-3368

An Appreciation Letter from Mr. Hardy’s Family
E-mail: mrhardy@
Aug. 7 2009 12:58:35

Dear CITS -Xi'an,

I wanted to let you know that our family trip to Xi'an in June was incredibly successful due to the enthusiasm and efforts of our guide Zoe. Travelling with young children as well as my elderly mother presented unique challenges and Zoe really took care of all of us. She was completely organized, professional and very knowledgeable and excited to show us everything that Xi'an and China had to offer.  We all learned so much about Xi'an history and modern Chinese life that, even with the amazing sights elsewhere in China, we still often talk about how special Xi'an was. I have travelled extensively and experienced many excellent guides but by far Zoe is the best. of Even when not touring with Zoe she provided enough tips and guidance to keep us discovering new and fantastic sights and culture.  We really cannot thank Zoe enough for such a wonderful time and want you to know directly how very special she is.  My daughters still miss her!

Our sincere thanks,

Rich, Melissa, Paige, Katie and Ginny Hardy

Evaluation by Mr. Rob Griffiths
April.30 2009
Nationality: USA
My travel time was limited to only a few hours and I must say time well spent. Thank you to Lynn and to Sue and the drive for a wonderful visit to Xi’an, I hope to return soon---for a few more days.
E-mail from Mrs.Bhakti Bharat
April.17 2009
Nationality: British or
Dear Maggie,
We would like to thank you very very much for organizing wonderful holidays in China. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip. I am happy to say that you have delivered 100 % of what you promised and even though our program was bit tight we still finished everything (and more like Summer palace and Shangri-La village).Your choice of hotels were good and guides were good as well.
As I mentioned earlier to you that because we couldn't find any references for you and therefore we were bit worried about using Chinabravo. So now I would like to help other travelers by recommending your travel agency. You can use my email as the reference and if you want we can write ref on travel websites if you give us the names.
Once again thank you very much.
E_mail From lorri marie to show the Appreciation to Neil
Subject: our trip to china
Date: 2009-4-7 21:03:25
I just cannot say enough thank yous to Angela and Neil for the fantastic trip in China....thank you, thank you, thank you...the tours, the history, the laughs and the made our trip so memorable!!!
lorri-marie and Rob Jenkins


E-Mail From Ruth Hirai,  Hawaii
Hi, Angela,
Thank you so much for being such an outstanding guide. The people in my group thought you were the best guide that we had the entire trip.  You spoke well and shared a lot of information about Xian.  They were thrilled to see the terra cotta soldiers and enjoyed the lunch there.
I was able to bring the birthday candles home safely and had no problems.  The next time I will have to bring a few more.  I gave one to my boss and she was thrilled.  I told her she had to save it for a special birthday, either hers or her daughter's.  I am saving mine for my granddaughter's birthday in May. 
Thank you again for giving me the candles.  I hope that you are busy with other tour groups.  Maybe we'll see each other again next year.
Xie xie,
Ruth Hirai,  Hawaii

E_mail From Peter J. Dekom and His Wife Kelley Choate
From Beverly Hill, Hollywood, USA
Dear Ning - You brought joy and insight into our lives... a precious gift by any standard. The books represent the smallest of tokens of our appreciation. We were thrilled to move you from "tour guide" to "insightful friend" in the span of just a few days. We must find an excuse to bring you to the States, and when our remodeling is finished, accommodations in Los Angeles will be as our guest in our home. Thank you so much for ... well.... being you. Hope your wife and daughter are well... and tell your not-so-little one to learn English. She may not know it, but she has connections here in the States! Thank you again. The books seemed particularly well-suited to your general view of the world. They moved me; I hope they provide the same value to you. They should be translated into Chinese and read widely. They are not political, but they are quite informative.  Best. Peter & Kelley 
E_mail From Peter J. Dekom and His Wife Kelley Choate
From Beverly Hill, Hollywood, USA
Ning - The grace of the wood, the emergence of the figure, are deeply symbolic of China herself.... I saw a heart - yours - an eye, one I remember pressed into the viewfinder of a camera seeking inspired truth, memories of memories not lost, but hidden. Again, the sculpture.
When I travel, I look at Kelley and try to imagine what moves her. We traveled to Eastern Europe.... a sad history reflected in magnificent castles and palaces. It made us miss China even more. The image of the Terra Cotta soldiers, juxtaposed against the Shanghai skyline, is the duality of China that you made so vivid in your direction, your words, your vision. Strangely, though my heritage is East European, I felt more comfortable in Xian... and I am sure it was your guidance that made it so.
I hope the books brought some interesting thoughts with them. They'd probably do well in Chinese translation and might be useful in schools there as well. Diamond teachers here at U.C.L.A. 
We have to find a way to return to see you and your family. And to think.... you have been hanging out with filmmakers.... 
Thank you for your thoughts and a figure with so much inside.
Peter J. Dekom's Blog
E_mail From Jim Jones to Our Travel Consultant
Hi, Spencer,
I want to let you know my trip to Xi'an was wonderful. Xin is an incredible guide and my visit could not have been better. I had very high goals for seeing so much of Xi'an, and they were all met.
In particular, the 2nd day of my visit was one of the best days of my life and Xin was big part of making it so .We started the day by walking in the park to find Tai Chi, and we came upon a Tai Chi master who gave us some lessons. Then we were off to the terra-cotta warriors. Xin's explanation of the Qin dynasty and Qin society really helped me appreciate what we were seeing. We spent a long time in the exhibits and Xin was able to answer my many many questions. Next, Xin had arranged for a cooking demonstration and lesson with a local family to cook and eat my favorite dumplings. We had a fantastic time trying to make perfect dumplings and the family was very nice and opens to my trying to learn. Next we were off to the Xi'an city wall and we rode bicycles all the way around the top of the wall surrounding the inner city. And lastly, I went to the Tang dynasty dinner show. I was very tired at the end of that day!
The other day was just as crowded and fun and Xin was a perfect companion. Her English is very good and, more importantly, she has very good knowledge of Xi'an sights, history, and culture. She was very flexible and accommodating and every experience could not have been better. Our driver was also very good. I highly recommend Xin for anyone visiting Xi'an.
Thank you again for your help to arrange this visit.
                              Jim Jones
A Letter to Lucy, our Guide, from D. Robinson
I am sorry for taking so long to contact you since my visit to China in March.
Once again, thank you for your expertise during our visit to Xi'an. That was my second visit but the best because of your knowledge and expertise.
After our tour—all agreed that you were the best guide.
Further to our discussions I would like to follow up with you:
I would be interested in organizing regular educational tours to China
Specifically ones that provide a “working experience” at the terra-cotta warrior site
The participating students would be high school and university archeology students
Working at the ancient civilization site would also be an added attraction
How often would they let us bring such student groups?
Please advise how together we can make arrangements for this to happen.
I am copying Ms Cathy MacDonald –she would be the lead teacher on these tours.
Thank you and I look forward to working with you.
D. Robinson
A letter From Kathy and Bill Dixon
Nov.15th, 2008
Dear Snow, Wendy and Jessica
We had a wonderful trip to China, thanks to all of you. You were all such terrific guides and we enjoyed every minute of it. Well almost every minute! There were a few times while we were such=k in traffic that were a bit difficult, but all in all, it was a fabulous trip and you made it all possible. If you wish to look at my photos, you can go to the above web site and check them out and download any you want. I am sure Wil will be sending us his very soon as well.
After getting home we realized that we had email addresses for Snow, Wendy and Jessica.  We also have a fourth address that I've included in this email message, but we're not sure if it's for Abby of Ho. Is there any way one of you could find out from CITS whose it is and how we can get the email for the other? We'd really like to thank them as well and give them access the pictures.
Thanks again so much for making our trip to China so much fun and so memorable.
                              Kathy and Bill Dixon
An Appreciation Letter to Hui Fan, Our guide, from Peter Ardron
Oct.26th, 2008
Dear Sir,
I hope I have found the correct person to contact. If not, would you be kind enough to pass this message to the manager of the English speaking guide Hui Fan.
Catherine was our guide and interpreter during our two night stay in Xi’an last week. I want you to know how incredibly impressed we were by her. From the moment we met her she was friendly, welcoming and extremely professional. Her enthusiasm for her job and for the country she was representing was infectious and as a result we thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with her and learnt a lot from her about your city and your culture.
I run a small business in the U.K. and I wish I could find people to employ who are as conscientious, professional, trustworthy and likeable as we found Catherine to be .She is a real credit to your organization and was easily the best of the 6 guides we had on our holiday in China. I can not praise her highly enough.
                         Yours sincerely,
                          Peter Ardron
An Appreciation Letter from Nina and Ida Green
Oct.13, 2008
Dear Peilin Chen,
My mother and I are travelling on the ms Amsterdam with Holland America for the Asia Australia 2008 Grand Voyage. We has the great pleasure of interacting with our tour group during our Over land Adventure To Xi'an ,the Terra–cotta warriors , to Beijing and on to Hong Kong, I would like to commend your stall for all of their diligent hard work and easy pleasant demeanor under all types of circumstances and at all times. Unfortunately I recall only a few individual names and I know there is many more working behind the scenes. Please forward special accolades to Lin, Marco, Arthur and Albert for their outstanding professionalism, experience, knowledge, patience, kindness and friendliness during our five days tighter in Chins. We have traveled widely and have yet to have a tour so thoroughly and accurately planned, organized and implemented. Your team made this excursion life changing and for ever memorable for us. The guides, transportation, accommodations, restaurants, stops and sites were all topnotch!
Our sincere thanks,
Nina and Ida Green
An Appreciation Letter to Tian Yuan From D Livingston
Oct.17, 2007
Dear Ms Weixin
We have just returned from china after a 2 week tour of Beijing, Xi'an, Chongqing, Sichuan and Shanghai.
In Xi'an our guide, Tian Yuan was, by far, the best tour guide we have ever experienced in 30years plus of travel throughout the world. She introduced us to a China we never knew. To see a young woman so proud of her country, culture and history it gives us hope for the young people of the world. Her professionalism as tor guide was outstanding.
I have two reasons for writing this letter. One is, as an owner of a construction company, I give lots of constructive criticism, but I also feel if that people excel in their jobs, they should be recognized. Secondly, I forgot to fill in her form on performance but I feel this better will give her the recognition she deserves. Each time we hear, see or read of China we will think of Tian and CITS.
Congratulations and heartfelt thanks
D Livingston
An Appreciation Letter to Xin From Hilary Harvey 
Dear Manager of CITS
I wrote a letter about Xin while on my fifteen day tour in China. I spoke that I found Xin very delightful and had extremely kind and helpful to me in the three days she had been my tour guide.
I would say she had gone out of her way to make everything pleasant and enjoyable that she possible could, and should I come back to tour China I would be pleased to have her for my guide.
I also added that she had gone out her way to take me to extra things as by rickshaw to a flower garden and did some special things for me.
Hilary Harvey
An Appreciation Letter to Sherly
Dear Sir,
My guide was Sherly and she was very nice. Obviously she knew her stuff and was able to answer any questions.
Speaking with her and asking her questions, I could easily figure out that she had bone beyond just learning the stuff from her company but had done additional research and looked for more information. /but most importantly, she was also interested in the people coming to her tour. She asked the right questions to figure out their likes and dislikes and was able to incorporate elements to the tour, based on that.  She was very attentive and gave a little personal touch to the tour.
An Appreciation Letter to Helena
Dear manager
I would like to highly commend the service offered by your tour guide Helena. She is an exceptional human being and we could not have asked for better care and attention. She went above and beyond her responsibilities to see after every detail for us. It is evident that she was well raised by her parents and taught to respect and treat others with kindness. I thought I would tell you his via email since the form you sent does not convey everything that she did for us. She was very punctual, stuck to the schedule planned and always put her best foot forward! Her English pronunciation and grammar were the best we’ve heard so far!
An Appreciation Letter to Cindy
Dear Sir,
We want to thank Cindy, our guide in Xi'an and driver for making our visit so interesting and enjoyable, and specially thank Cindy for suggesting a detour to the Han Yang Ling Museum on our way to the airport. It's almost as good as Qin's terra-cotta army but not well known. I've posted a review on the Trip Advisor wed site which I hope will attract more visitors.
An Appreciation Letter to Ricky
Dear manager,
Ricky is our guide in Xi'an. He is very professional and as he was major in history, his guide throughout the whole trip is so informational and we learnt a lot from him. He also pays attention to details and in all his little gestures; I can tell he is trying to put us at the first place all time. He also makes sure we have all we need and follow up with us next day to ensure we are taken care of. He also gives us an impression that he is a very smart, humble kid and we can see the good quality of Chinese inside him. Please forward this email to his supervisor, if you don't mind, to let him know that he has a treasure asset in his team.
An Appreciation Letter to Tina
Dear Manager of Xi'an CITS
Tina was our guide in Xi'an, she was better than the tour guides that we used in Beijing. She was fantastic. Her efforts climbing to the top of Mt. Huashan were notable. I have recommended her specifically to my friends traveling to Xi'an. Her knowledge of the exhibits at the museum was amazing. She knew the history of China and all the dynasties and emperors.
An Appreciation Letter to Chris (Tina)
Dear supervisor of CITS
Barbara and I wanted to let you know that Chris (Tina) who is taking care of us here in Xi'an is a real history expert and we learnt a lot from her. But we already knew a lot before, so it was fun to have detailed conversations with her on the subject of Emperor Qin, the soldiers, the city of Xi'an, and many other subjects. We really enjoyed her company. We think she is a great asset to CITS and a good recommendation for your company.
An Appreciation Letter to Xin
Dear Sir or Madam:
In particular we would like to commend Xin, our guide in Xi'an, for her personality and friendliness towards us. Her manner was delightful which made our time in her company extremely enjoyable. Nothing was too much trouble for her and we formed a relationship that was enjoyable, friendly and allowed us all to gain maximum benefit from our time in the Xi'an area.
An Appreciation Letter to Christina
Dear Sir,
Christina in Xi'an was fantastic because she gave us so much history and information and she was aware of simple things like telling us when we were near a toilet. She also gave us more space and allowed us to walk around a little on our own at most of the attractions instead of staying right beside us the whole time.
An Appreciation Letter to Crystal
Dear manager,
I only had one tour guide, and her name is Crystal. Crystal did a very good jog and was very knowledgeable everywhere we went. She stated she had not been working for Xi’an CITS very long, but I couldn’t tell! She was very professional and did her best to make sure I was comfortable and enjoying my trip. I would recommend her to friends and family.
An Appreciation Letter to Helen 
Dear Supervisor,
My tour guide in Xi'an was excellent—Ms. Helen not only was knowledgeable about all the sites we visited __she knew how to conduct a tour. Her planning was well- she knew when to speak, when to listen and she went out of her way to inform me and make my stay as nice as possible. If I would return I would request her again. She was prompt-met me at the airport gate and help me check into the hotel to make sure all was correct, she confirmed my nest flight and again escorted me throughout my time in the area, and provide me her cell phone number if I had a problem when she was off duty. She was friendly and a great representative of your country and company-her English was excellent.
I can not possibly list all her assets, she was terrific.
An Appreciation Letter to Lee
Dear manager,
Without doubt the best tour guide was Lee in Xi'an. She was well informed and so passionate about her work which was infectious. A real credit to your company.
An Appreciation Letter to Michelle
Dear Supervisor,
I wanted to let you know how much my son and I appreciated Michelle and her driver, everything worked out really well, we had a wonderful tour of Xi'an and the terra-cotta soldiers. We especially liked eating at the local restaurants. Michelle is an awesome guide.
An Appreciation Letter to Roy 
Dear manager of CITS
Roy was our guide our two days visit to Xi'an and Michelle was our guide for the three days in Chengdu. Both guides were outstanding and exceeded my expectations. Roy was a better because he was calm, spoke extremely clear English, and gave us information in small doses which helped to keep our attention.
An Appreciation Letter to Miranda
Dear manager,
Miranda is an exceptional guide. She presented the whole time and stayed with me during all excursions until the end. Miranda helps me to save a lot of money at a big local department store. Here again, I an almost sure she paid from the own money a small horse cart trip from the entrance of the terracotta site until the parking. She was perfect and I would like to count with her services in other trips in Xi'an, if possible.
An Appreciation Letter to April
Dear manager of CITS
Jack in Hongkong, April in Xi'an and Foster in Guilin. Special thanks to them, they went “above and beyond” to make sure that we had a great experience.