Management of Xi'an CITS is very proud to tell you how much we are appreciate our guides' talent and ability. They are not only efficient, but knowledgeable and helpful. Every time, when a Tour Guides Contest is held in Xi'an or Shaanxi Pro, the Championship winner must be one of our guides. It's the same situation in the Contests among the tour guides in China. too.  It happened very often that all the winners, including the Championship Winners, The Second Prize Winners and even The Third Prize Winners are all our guides. Actually we have a best tour guides team in China.

Gao Xiaohong, "China Guide of the Year" in 2006 



Li Zhan Shu, Mayor of Xi'an, with Gao Xiaohong and Yan Ming, our English and Japanese guides Championship Winners in 2002.



Mangers of Xi'an CITS with Our First and Second Prize Winners in 2002.



Zhang Yue (middle), English guides' Championship Winner in 2000.



Shang Jianzhong(man in blue), Japanese guides' Championship Winner in 2000.



Our English & Japanese First and Second Price Winners in 2000.